There are many like it but this one is mine

This is my personal collection of recipes that I'm developing for my own tastes and diet requirements. If you match those tastes and diet requirements, you may find some useful stuff in here.

If, on the other hand, your default amount of butter is an entire stick, or your "pinch" of salt uses all five fingers, then this probably isn't the place for you.

Most of the recipes here will have lower salt and sugar content than traditional recipes of the same type, with adjustments made to accommodate for that.

Fats aren't given the same consideration, but because I think butter tastes too much like a cow and using a lot of margarine is gross, you probably won't find a ton of fat in these recipes either.

I say recipes, but they're not always standard step-by-step recipes. Some of them are bases with multiple variants. Some of them are ratio-based (in which you'll find them for a single portion and can multiply as needed). And some quantities will be absent, particularly with spices, so you're expected to add them by instinct and taste. (Hint: a cup of nutmeg is always too much.)

And for quantities, you'll find imperial volume mixed with metric weights. Because that's how I do. Weights are better for powder accuracy but annoying to work with, so if I use a weight that means the accuracy is worth the pain in the ass to use the scale and so there's no volumetric equivalent.

The techniques aren't well documented either, because it's more of a reference than a learning tool. So if you really don't know how to cook, it might be better to start somewhere with step-by-step pictures.

The recipes on this site may also change over time as I adjust them. I tend to re-visit them often. So if you use one and like it you might wanna save it to your own collection somewhere, rather than just bookmark it. If I do make changes though, I'll try to remember to add the changes made to the notes so you can work backwards.

No promises though.