Oxalates bind to calcium and cause kidney stones. So don't eat them. But also calcium binds to oxalates and prevent kidney stones so if you eat food with oxalates in it, then eat some calcium along with it?

I don't understand the science here.

All I know is that if you're prone to kidney stones or someone told you to eat a low-oxalate diet for some reason (maybe you think it'll prevent the 3rd moon of Saturn from dissolving into the sun or something) then here we go.

You can find lists of oxalate offenders online or get 'em from your doctor. But here are some high-content ingredients that you'll find almost none or exactly none of on this site:

  • Spinach (fuck you spinach, you taste gross and give people kidney stones!)
  • Rhubarb (I don't like your taste or remembering how you spell your name)
  • Almonds (Your bland milk is ruining the earth)
  • Beets (Goodbye colon cancer scares!)
  • Some others I've forgotten about

You'll also see generally limited use of:

  • Nuts
  • Potatoes
  • Cocoa powder
  • Whole bran
  • Soy things
  • And other stuff!

So if you see a recipe and are like, "hey, where's the [normal ingredient]?" then it's possible it wasn't worth the oxalate risk. Which also means if I do throw some of those in there somewhere, it must be worth it. Or I forgot.