Salt Is The One True Metric For Eating Well

Are you confused by food? Want to eat somewhat healthy-ish but don't wanna put much effort into it? Just count the salt.

It's pretty simple: bad shit is full of salt. Good shit ain't. Usually.

Salt is delicious though. Fortunately, you need some salt to live so you can't go on a no-salt diet or you will die. And that would be a really bland way to go.

The solution: a salt budget. (Or more accurately, an acceptable range for daily sodium intake.) I aim for 1000-1500mg of sodium per day. You might want to ask a doctor or something though, I'm just some asshole on the internet.

I like this because you can "spend" it wherever you want. You just add up the salt in all the shit you eat and try to keep the number in your range for the day. It's actually kinda hard to eat poorly if you a) get enough food that you aren't hungry and b) have a salt amount within a reasonable salt range.

Before I did this my blood pressure was on the bad side of bonkers. Now it isn't. Boom. Sold. Done. Easy.

The challenge fun part is finding where you can cut down the salt while losing the least tastiness. For example, I stopped salting my pasta water for a while but it wasn't even close to worth it. So I still do that. But I'll eat the low-sodium potato chips because they aren't that different.

Meanwhile, baking powder and baking soda have a lot of sodium, so crepes can easily be made salt-free but pancakes need that shit to be fluffy. So I'll make crepes way more than I'll make pancakes.

Salt is sneaky though. It hides. Bread has a lot of sodium. And pre-made spice blends are often just a way to make you pay more for what is mostly cheap salt. Until you develop your salt-instincts, and you will, you gotta check the labels on everything. There was a brand of naan I was buying that had almost 1000mg of sodium per naan. Fuuuuck.

The point is these recipes won't have much salt, nor will they have discrete amounts of salt. They will list a pinch of salt or salt to taste where I think it is worth it. I have a lot of the salt totals for these recipes in my notes, but given the ingredients I use will be different and your optional salting will be different, I'm not sure they'd be accurate. You'll have to do the salt math yourself.