I Don't Want To Touch Your Meat

The well-being of mass produced animals is not of much concern to me. But eating meat is expensive and bad for the environment and bad for your colon probably. But, for me, touching it was the final straw. I really don't like touching meat, okay? Then there's dealing with the anxiety of food safety when handling raw meat. I don't wanna think about where my tongs have been.

So I stopped cooking meat.

I'm not a vegetarian or an anything with a neat label but I do have one rule around this: I don't put active time into developing the skill to prepare meat dishes. That's it and it's enough for me for now.

I might make a bit of bacon here and there if I get a craving. Or I'll eat some chicken from a restaurant or at someone else's house, sure, but I rarely cook it anymore. Instead, I'm putting that effort into improving my non-meat dishes. If every meal one cooks teaches them a little bit more, I don't want to waste those tiny lessons on our destructive meat-eating past.

So that's why you won't find any meat recipes in here but you may occasionally find a few bits mixed in. If I'm gonna cook something enough to add the recipe to my go-to recipe collection, it's not gonna be a meat dish.