Boiled Egg

1. Boil the egg, using these guidelines:

  • Fridge-cold, large eggs
  • Rapidly boiling water (very close to 100 C)
  • Lower eggs slowly with a (slotted) spoon so you don't crack them
  • Turn heat down to 6 when egg added so the water says hot but the bubbling doesn't crack the egg
  • Set a timer and cook for:
    • 7 mins (all soft yolk, perfect for ramen) or 8
    • 8 mins (starting-to-solidify yolk, good for general eating) or
    • 9 mins (almost hard-boiled, good for nothing)


  • Do not deviate at all. Do it exactly as described or else your egg will be shit. This is not an area to not follow directions. Do not use the clock - set an exact timer on your phone and have it ready. There's a reason egg timers are a thing.

Last updated 2020-10-14